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Bangsar, one of the most desired residential suburb among Malaysians and also expatriates lies about 4 kilometres south west of Kuala Lumpur city centre. Adjacent to other areas namely Pantai Dalam and Damansara, you have easy access to Bangsar via several major highways including Sprint Highway, New Pantai Expressway and Federal Highway.

Bangsar houses various high-rise condominiums and small bungalows as well as semi detached houses in Bangsar Utama, Pantai Hills, Bukit Bangsar, Bangsar Park, Taman SA, Bangsar Baru and Lucky Garden.

The main road, Jalan Maarof separated Bangsar into two areas – east and west. On the east side of Jalan Maarof lies Taman SA, Bangsar Park, Bukit Bangsar and Bangsar Utama while the remaining neighbourhoods area is located on the west.

First developed as a rubber plantation estate when Malaya was still under British administration in 1906, it was wholly owned by a renowned plantation firm, Socfin. Several years later, the first housing project was planned in Bangsar Park to accommodate the growing population in that particular area. Socfin sold some of its land to private buyers for development purposes.

Over the years, it has grown rapidly with shopping malls, medical centres and sports and recreational facilities. The earliest and oldest building in Bangsar is perhaps the hospital which was formerly known as European Hospital. Built in early 1900s, this eight floor building cost around a million ringgit upon completion.

But of course, one of the most popular tragic incident happened in Bangsar is May 13 Riots in 1969. Most of the shops owned by Chinese located in Bangsar were burnt down. Besides that, road users who pass by Jalan Bangsar on the way to Petaling Jaya were also victims in the tragic as their cars were burnt to the grounds by protestors.

Towards the end of 1980s, more schools emerged to convenient residents staying in Bangsar as they do not have to travel miles in order to send their kids to school. Currently, Bangsar has three main primary schools namely SK Bukit Bandaraya, SK Bukit Pantai and SRJK (T) Jalan Bangsar while among some of the secondary schools located in Bangsar including SMK Bangsar and SMK Bukit Bandaraya.

Upon graduating from secondary school, students can register for enrollment in higher learning institution learning centre namely University Malaya (UM), Raja Muda Teachers’ College and Language Teaching College.

Besides that, residents can also enjoy their weekend at the nearby Bangsar Sports Complex by participating in various sports activities such as swimming, badminton, tennis, basketball and squash. In addition to that, there are also several beautifully landscaped parks and playgrounds scattered in Bangsar area along Jalan Bangkung, Jalan Rumpai, Jalan Terasek 7, Jalan Tempinis 5 and Jalan Kurau.